Weichai Power

Weichai Diesel Engine Factory ( since 1992 Weichai Power) was founded in 1953 and was one of the first diesel engine factories in China. The main areas of business are mounting of propulsion machinery (including engines, transmissions and axles ), commercial vehicles and automotive electronics. 2010 holds the Weichai Group Holdings Limited ( Shandong Heavy Industry Group ) about 20 % of the shares of Weichai Power.

Weichai engines made ​​after the construction of the Austrian Steyr -Daimler -Puch AG and developed them further.

2010 Weichai Power had 38,000 employees ( end of the world in 2011 about 42,000 employees). and generated a turnover of around 7.4 billion euros (2011: EUR 7.5 billion and a net profit of EUR 700 million). 42 % of revenues were 55% in 2010 with diesel engines, made with trucks and parts. The company sold during the year 414,000 diesel engines.

Abroad, Weichai Power three branches, since 2009 in France, since 2010 in Singapore (together with Moteurs Baudouin ) and since 2010 in the USA.

By 2006, Weichai Power was one of Sinotruk. Sinotruk is the leading producer of heavy trucks in China.

In Germany, the company was known in 2013 by 25 % acquisition of the company Kion forklift. It was invested 671 million euros.


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