Wen Jiabao

Who Jiābǎo (Chinese温家宝/温家宝, Pinyin Wen Jiābǎo; born September 15, 1942 in Tianjin) is a Chinese politician. From 2003 to 2013 he served as Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, ie the Prime Minister. According to a report of the American newspaper " New York Times " his family has amassed a fortune of more than two billion dollars in the years of his term.


Wen Jiabao was born in 1942 in the district Beijiao Tianjin City. From 1960 he studied at the Geological Institute in Beijing, where he also received his doctorate. His entry into the Communist Party of China took place in 1965. During the Cultural Revolution he went as a technician in the province of Gansu, where he in 1978 became deputy director of the geological capacity. In 1982, he returned to Beijing, where he Deputy Minister of Geology and Mineral occurrences and 1985 deputy director of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 1983. From 1986 he headed the Central Committee headquarters. It is unclear how Wen Jiabao survived the internal party purges after the Tiananmen massacre on June 4, 1989: A well known photo (then published on the front page of People's Daily ) shows him a few days before the massacre at Tiananmen Square, at his former mentor, the reformer and Communist Party General Secretary Zhao Ziyang, who holds there an emotional appeal to the students page. Zhao Ziyang was against the deployment of the army and was relieved immediately after the massacre of his office and stood up to his death in January 2005 under house arrest. Wen Jiabao's career seems to be the incident, at least not to have touched.

1998 rose Wen Jiabao on further and became Vice Prime Minister of the Central Government and thus responsible for agriculture and finance. In March 2003, he released from Zhu Rongji as premier of the People's Republic of China. As Prime Minister, he was responsible in particular the control of the Chinese economy. On 2 May 2004, he met his first visit to Europe in this position in Munich. He was succeeded in March 2013 Li Keqiang.

Family and family wealth

During his reign, Wen Jiabao went to one of the richest leaders of the world, the New York Times, the family of the outgoing government 's 2012 had amassed a fortune of at least $ 2.7 billion, most of it after Wen's ascent to the Deputy Prime Minister (1998) and Five years later, as prime minister. Thus acquired the 90 - year-old mother Wen, Yang Zhiyun, in 2007, a share worth 120 million dollars to the insurance company Ping An. The company had benefited from government reforms Wens.

It is more likely that Wen Ruchun with Chunhang Liu, Director of the Statistics Department and Research Bureau of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, is married.

As another example, calls the New York Times, Wen's younger brother Wen Jiahong, whose company received from the government contracts worth $ 30 million for the disposal of sewage and medical waste. Overall, Wen Jiahong controlled investments worth 200 million dollars. Wen's only son Wen Yunsong sold a technology company, ten million dollars to a businessman from Hong Kong. He also founded New Horizon Capital, an of China's biggest private equity firms.

With his wife Jiabao has two children. His daughter Wen Ruchun ( worked for Credit Suisse), is often called Lily Chang is with verhairatet Liu Chunhang ( works for China's banking regulator). The son of Wen Yunsong, called in the West often Winston Wen. In January 2014 ( offshore leaks ) was known by the research of the International Consortium for investigative journalists that the family of Jintao funds through the establishment of offshore companies would relocate abroad.