Wenchang Satellite Launch Center

The Baikonur Wenchang (Chinese文昌 卫星 发射 中心Wenchang Weixing fāshè Zhongxin ) in the north- east of Hainan Island in the area of ​​Wenchang City is planned for the next generation of launch vehicles and spacecraft southernmost of the four space stations of the People's Republic of China.


Its construction was approved in September 2007 by the Chinese cabinet and the Central Military Commission. Due to its closer proximity to the equator at 19 degrees north latitude, an increase in charging efficiency by 7.4 percent should be possible. This would mean an increase in payload of 300 kg and a cost savings of $ 6 million dollars per launch.

Geosynchronous satellite from the Baikonur Wenchang, heavy satellites and space stations are transported into orbit and space probes sent into space. A start would be possible manned missions of Wenchang from. The start area will therefore probably be used for the planned enlarged version of the Long March rocket (CZ -5). The base has a value suitable for the delivery transport these missiles harbor. In addition to a rocket base and a control center to the 20 square kilometer site stand at present also an assembly hall and a science park arise.

At this location, there is currently a launch site for suborbital rockets of the type Zhinui. The first launch took place on 19 December 1988. The expansion of the site to a launch site for orbital flights has long been prevented by political considerations, because you held the spot for too threatened by foreign powers. The foundation stone was laid on 14 September 2009.