Wennequelle to Schmallenberg

Wenne in Meschede Mountains

The Wenne is a 31.1 km long, orographic left or southern tributary of the Ruhr in North Rhine-Westphalia Hochsauerlandkreis, Germany.

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The Wenne rises on the western edge of the 528.1 m high Robecker mountain, about 1.6 km north- west of Schmallenberg at an altitude of 487 m above sea level. NN. From here it flows first to the southwest, but soon turns its course in a wide arc to the north. It flows through the towns of Niederberndorf, Menkhausen, Grimminghausen, Lochtrop, Frielinghausen, Bremke, Wenholthausen and mountains before. Wennemen at 234 m above sea NN left-hand side flows into the Ruhr.

On its 31.1 km long river stretch the Wenne overcomes a difference in altitude of 253 m, corresponding to an average bed slope of 8.0 ‰. She drains a catchment area of ​​218.607 km ² over the Ruhr and Rhine to the North Sea.


The most important tributary of the Wenne is the 14.8 km long Salwey at Eslohe, which with its 67.939 km ² large catchment area accounted for 31% of the has the Wenne. The opening out at Frielinghausen Leiße has a length of 13.9 km. All other tributaries are shorter than 10 km.

The following are the tributaries are called in order from source to mouth, by the district government of Cologne (formerly Ordnance Survey ) will be performed. Indicated are the orographic position of the mouth, the length, the size of the catchment area, the height of the mouth and the water code.

Nature and Environment

Large parts of the lower reaches of the Wenne as a nature reserve and has been simultaneously designated as conservation area. The water quality of Wenne has improved in recent years. It is considered a good fishing spot for trout and grayling.

Breeding birds

At the Wenne been kingfisher, dippers, gray wagtails and Mallard were detected as breeding birds. As food stays during herons and black stork.