Wensu County

Aksu Konaxeher (also: Wensu ) (温宿 县, wensu Xiàn ) is a county in the district of Aksu Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the People 's Republic of China. It has an area of 14,309 km ² and has 220,000 inhabitants (2003 ). Its main town is the large village Wensu (温宿 镇).

At the community level, there Aksu Konaxeher of four large municipalities, five municipalities and nationality community. These are:

  • Greater community Wensu (温宿 镇), the seat of county government;
  • Greater community of Aral (阿 热 勒 镇);
  • Greater community of Kizil (克孜勒 镇);
  • Greater community Tumxuk (吐 木 秀 克 镇);
  • Large village Jam (佳木 镇);
  • Community Gülawat (古勒阿瓦提 乡);
  • Community Qagrak (恰格拉克 乡);
  • Community Tohula (托 乎 拉 乡);
  • Community Ixlamqi (依 希 来 木 其 乡);
  • Community Bozdong of the Kirghiz (博孜 墩 柯尔克孜 族 乡).
  • In addition, five state farms, five state livestock farms with pastures and two state forests.