Werner Buchholz

Werner Buchholz ( born October 24, 1922 in Detmold ) is a German - American engineer. He worked for IBM for a long time and was known as the creator of the art word byte.


Buchholz was born the son of a Jewish merchant Julius Buchholz and his wife Elsa (both later murdered by the Nazis ) in Detmold. Due to the growing anti-Semitism, he emigrated to England in 1938, where he attended school, where he was interned after the war began in 1940 and sent to Canada. In 1941 he was released from internment and was the University of Toronto visit.

He then worked as a hardware architect for IBM on the mainframe IBM 701 and 7030th He created in 1956 the art word "byte". He was with Fred Brooks, 1959, the first to use the word in a publication.

In 1990 he received the Computer Pioneer Award.


  • Engineer
  • Americans
  • German
  • Born in 1922
  • Man