Weser Uplands-Schaumburg-Hamelin Nature Park

The nature park Weser mountain country Schaumburg -Hameln is located on the northern edge of the Central German Uplands at the transition to the North German Plain, about 50 km southwest of Hanover. Support of the Natural Park created in 1975 is the state of Lower Saxony. The park includes the Weser valley between Rinteln and Hameln with parts from the Schaumburg district, Calenberger, Lippe and Pyrmont hill country of bath nominal village in the north to Bad Pyrmont in the south, Biickeburg and Bad Eilsen in the west and Bad mouths and Osterwald in the east with the highest elevation in the Süntel.

Geographical location

Bounded on the north by the wooded hills Bückeberg Deister, the nearly 1000 km ² large nature park from the eastern Weser Mountains, Harrl and Süntel pulls both sides of the Weser River to the south to the Ith, the Osterwald and the Thüster mountain through a versatile landscape of lush, forested hills and small valleys with numerous streams and rivers. In Süntel, in Ith and on the Kanstein clad mountain steep edge in the landscape. A colorful mix of nature and landscape protection areas, cities, spas and several small villages and castles of the Weser Renaissance make the natural park into a popular recreation and tourist area in northern Germany.



  • Buildings of the Weser Renaissance, such as the castles Hämelschenburg and Schwöbber
  • Medieval Market of the former University City Rinteln
  • Historic Centres of Biickeburg and Hameln
  • A variety of thermal baths of Bad Eilsen Bad Nenndorf, Bad Munder am Deister and Bad Pyrmont
  • Many early medieval churches, monasteries, pens and city walls


Notable natural areas are:

  • The 800 -acre nature reserve " Hohenstein " in Süntel
  • The 240 -acre nature reserve " Woods Saubrink / Upper Mountain"
  • The nature reserve " crest of the Weser Mountains "
  • The indegenous, very rare Süntelbuchen
  • Caves

In the Weser mountain country, the most northern occurrence Hartenstein Germany. The landscapes and natural areas of the Weser Mountains are therefore characterized by the quarry industry, Korallenoolith - Hartenstein wins on several farms. Mention may be made of brass mountain with stone mountains, which Wülpker -Egge at Biickeburg and Papenbrink at Kleinenbremen in the Weser Mountains, besides also the giant mountain in Langenfeld / Hessian- Oldendorf and Matt Berg at Hamelspringe in Süntel. Schaumburg citizens protesting against the " destruction of the countryside " by the quarry operations, the Action Community Weser mountain country - founded Schaumburg friends.


  • Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, ponds
  • Golf Courses
  • Biking and hiking trails through mountains and valleys along the Weser
  • Shipping lines on the Weser
  • Winter Sports in the higher mountain areas
  • Cliffs for climbing
  • Show caves and mine tunnels