The Weser Mountains ( also called Weser chain ) is to 336 m above sea level. NHN high mountain range of the Weser Uplands in North Rhine -Westphalia and Lower Saxony ( Germany ).

The densely forested Wesergebirge is one of the northern foothills of the Central German Uplands on the southern edge of the North German lowlands and is taken from the Natural Park Weser mountain country Schaumburg -Hameln Nature Park to the west by Terra Vita and the East.

Well known is the Wesergebirge by the Schaumburg, Schaumburg standing on the case (eastern district Rinteln ) located Nesselberg (approx. 225 m) and is the symbol of the Schaumburg country.



The Weser Mountains, the Minden- Luebbecke, Schaumburg, Hameln -Pyrmont is located in the counties, extends approximately in the east-west direction from the town of Porta Westfalica or the Weser - carved by Porta Westfalica in the West Rinteln to Hessian Oldendorf in the east, where it merges seamlessly into the running in a northwest-southeast direction and at the same time higher Süntel. It is part of the definition of the Weser Uplands, and thus a partial region of the Central German Uplands in the south to the North German Plain to the north.

North of the Weser Mountains, there are only a few hills and mountains of the Calenberger mountain country as the nearby hills Harrl and Bückeberg. To the west and thus beyond the Porta Westfalica to continues the Weser mountain range in Wiehengebirge, which is geologically similar in structure and extends up to Bramsche (northwest of Osnabrück).

South of the Weser Mountains, approximately parallel to him the Weser from Hessian- Oldendorf flows to the east over Rinteln towards Vlotho in the west, then to kink towards the northeast or to the city Porta Westfalica. This the mountains south offshore northern areas of the Upper Vesdre valley are an old settlement area, which is marked by standing on the Nesselberg Schaumburg. From the transverse valley Porta Westfalica the river turns to the north in order to go into the southern areas of the North German Plain. To the north of the mountain range extends the Oberlauftal of roughly running east -west direction Aue ( " Bückeburger Aue ").

Nature Spatial allocation

The Weser mountain range is in the geography major unit group Weser -Leine Bergland (No. 37), in the main unit Calenberger Bergland ( 378) and the subunit Weser mountains ( 378.1 ) the nature of the Weser Mountains ( 378.10 ).


The comb-like Wesergebirge is constructed of limestone ( Korallenoolith ) and is considered an important limestone region of Lower Saxony. On its south side, it has steep mountain flanks mostly on moderately high rock walls below the mountain ridges. His other hand Northern Slope decreases more gradually.


To the north of Mount Red Brink, which is located south-southwest of Nammen, is located in the Weser Mountains in a depression of the area of ​​the Nammer camp, formerly with critical and military positions in the context of a castle as a retreat for the people of the area represented.

Flora and Fauna

The densely forested Wesergebirge is an important book wooded area in Lower Saxony.

Conservation and parke

Parts of the Weser Mountains are in the area of ​​Hohenstein's conservation area. Only the southern slopes of the wooded mountain ranges with some rare plant communities are protected landscape areas.

While his extreme western part (southwest of Biickeburg ) is still expected of the natural park TERRA.vita include by far the greater central and eastern parts of the natural park Weser mountain country Schaumburg -Hameln.

Action group "Save the Weser Mountains"

An independent and non-partisan organized interest group, which has set itself the goal of preserving the Weser Mountains and the Süntel before complete destruction by quarrying, is the community of action ' Save the Weser Mountains ".


The Weser Mountains is dominated by about two dozen mountains, lined up like a comb and reach the east to the mountain of the Paschenburg to about 336 m altitude. In its central part, west of Federal Highway 2, they are the Wülpker Harrow maximum around 280 m and the westernmost mountain of the Weser Mountains, Jacob Mountain, which is located east of the Porta Westfalica, 235.2 m high.

Geologic and natural environments include - in addition to the following listed mountains - including the scenic rather the Süntel associated elevations Amelung mountain (about 330 m) and Hohenstein ( 340.5 m ) to the Devil's Pulpit (green altar ) nor the Weser Mountains.

Considered among the mountains and elevations of the Weser Mountains in west-east direction belong with height in meters above mean sea level ( MSL; highest mountain at the height is in bold):

  • Jacob Berg ( 235.2 m), including telecommunications tower with Jacob Berg, Schlageter memorial and Porta pulpit, at the Porta Westfalica, north-northeast of local mountains
  • Königsberg (about 220.4 m), northeast of local mountains
  • Red Brink (ca. 238.0 m), with Nammer camp, south-southwest Nammens
  • Lohfelder mountain ( 215.2 m), northeast Lohfelds
  • Nammer cliff ( 248.8 m), nature reserve, south Nammens
  • Nammer head ( 266.3 m ), with " Nammer cliffs ", Nature Reserve, south-southeast Nammens
  • Wülpker Harrow (approx. 280 m), with a quarry south Wülpkes
  • Red Cliff (ca. 225.9 m), with a quarry, south of Little Bremen
  • Papenbrink (303 m), with transmitter and a quarry, north-northwest of death 's
  • Long wall ( 320.1 m), north-east in the state forest grove Wood 's death
  • Mountain of Frankenburg (about 230 m), with remains of Frankenburg, Foothills of the Long Wall, north 's death
  • Luhdener cliff ( 300 m), with a lookout Cliff Tower, north-northeast Rinteln
  • Hirsch cap ( Arensberg; 250.1 m), northwest of Bergen stone
  • Brass mountain ( 270.1 m), with a quarry, north northeast of Bergen stone
  • Westendorfer Harrow (approx. 295 m), with a quarry, north-northeast of Westendorf
  • Upper Mountain ( 325.2 m ), with " Spring stones " north Schaumburg
  • Heutzeberg ( 231.6 m), Foothills of the upper mountain, north Schaumburg
  • Nesselberg (approx. 225 m), with the Schaumburg, foothill of the mountain monks, east Schaumburg
  • Mountain of Paschenburg (336 m), with the Paschenburg in Schaumburg
  • Mönchebergstraße ( 327.2 m), with the guest house " Paschenburg " between Schaumburg and Rohdental



Among the places in or on the Weser Mountains include the city of Porta Westfalica, which is west of the mountains or south-east of Porta Westfalica ( at the transition to Wiehengebirge ), and the city of Minden, the Durchbruchtals this is a bit north. To the north of the central part of the Weser Mountains is the town Biickeburg, south of the town of Rinteln, and southwest of the mountains lies the town Vlotho.

These and other villages on the western mountains are ( in alphabetical order ):

  • Heeßen ( north )
  • Hessian Oldendorf ( south )
  • Minden ( north )
  • Porta Westfalica ( south, west and north )
  • Rinteln ( south )
  • Vlotho (southwest )


Among the attractions of the Weser Mountains include:

  • On the Nesselberg (approx. 225 m ) east of Rinteln, is the Schaumburg.
  • On the Mount of Paschenburg, near Schaumburg, is the Paschenburg (approx. 336 m ), historical Refreshments with a wide view over the Weser valley.
  • In Steinberger pass the Weser Mountains stands between Buchholz and Rinteln - stone mountains, Arens Castle ( 130 m ), which can not be visited.
  • At the Northern Slope of the Weser mountain range in Kleinenbremen the visitor mine Kleinenbremen.

Transport and Hiking

The Weser Mountains is southwest of Bad Eilsen between Todenmann and Schermbeck or the mountains Papenbrink and Long wall (Hain wood) in " Schermbecker passport " (ca. 216.7 m) intersected in southwest-northeast direction from the Federal Highway 2. The highway is expanded to six lanes in this area, which is a strong structural incision in the forests and mountains, which makes it earth-bound animals almost impossible to pass through this barrier. Where the highway is not remodels noise barriers, noise exposure for humans and animals is extremely high.

The Wesergebirge is happening or cut sections of some federal roads: On the west of the mountains situated Porta Westfalica it is passed by the federal highways 61 and 482 and north of the mountain range of the B 65. By the middle part of this mountain range, the B 83 leads to the stone in the mountains B 238 encounters. About the B 83, B 238 and B 482 is respectively connected to the A 2

Over the crest of the Weser Mountains of the European long-distance hiking trail runs E1.