West Burra


The Scottish island of West Burra is one of the Scalloway Islands. It is located in the south-west of the Shetland Islands and is connected by bridges over the neighboring island to the main island Trondra Mainland. Likewise, there is a land connection to the sister island of East Burra.

The hilly and almost treeless West Burra is 10 km long, up to two kilometers wide and has a size of about 12 km ². Capital is located on the north west coast port town Hamnavoe, the third largest city of the Shetlands. The second most important place is the same, further south, West Burra.

Due to the bridge connection with Mainland migration could be stopped. Lately, the island's population has actually increased significantly, as many newly drawn residents work in Lerwick or Scalloway on the now easily to be achieved Island Mainland. Meanwhile, West Burra has with some 750 inhabitants, is the second highest population of all Shetland Islands to Mainland.

In addition to the commuters in the locations of the main island of the population lives on fishing, boat building, as well as the declining agriculture. Further facilities on the island poor in archaeological monuments some accommodation options available.


Copy of papillary Stone at St. Laurence Church