West Francia

The West Franks (Latin Francia occidentalis ) was the western part of the Frankish Empire split. It was created by the Treaty of Verdun 843 and 870 was extended by the Treaty of Meerssen, diminished it 880 by the Treaty of Ribemont. From the West Frankish kingdom developed in the course of the 9th and 10th century France.

The process of the formation of France was slow and gradual, barely aware the then living. Therefore, it can fix itself difficult time. It is assumed that the operation was completed no later than the change of dynasty of 987 (transition from the Carolingians to Capetians ). Therefore, from 987 ruling Capetian are always referred to as the kings of France. The Carolingian and robertinischen kings in the period between the mid-9th century and the change of dynasty of 987 are referred to in modern popular science and scientific literature, partly as West Frankish, partly as French kings, depending on where the researchers concerned about the transition from western France France begin. All these Periodisierungsansätze are arbitrary. Also the change of dynasty of 987 was considered by his contemporaries not as deep cut or even as a new Empire. You did not even see it at the time the final overthrow of the Carolingians, but only an episode in a long-running power struggle between two rival families. Only in the course of the following decades, the new Capetian rule proved to be permanent.

The Treaty of Verdun ( 843) the Frankish Empire was divided into three parts:

  • Western France, later France
  • Eastern kingdom, the forerunner of the Holy Roman Empire
  • The Middle Kingdom (also Lotharii Regnum ) had no permanent stock. It was initially 855 divided ( Prüm division ), but soon split it in part to the other two kingdoms (Treaty of Meerssen 870, Treaty of Ribemont 880 ), on the other part, the new kingdoms Lower Burgundy and Upper Burgundy originated on its soil (880 ), and the Kingdom of Italy ( Kingdom of Italy) became independent to ( 872 or 888). The common history of the territories of the empire ended after a few decades. In the further course of history merged the disputed territories with the eastern kingdom, with the West Frankish kingdom, or were transformed into independent small states.