Western Visayas

Kinaray -a, Aklanon

The Western Visayas are an administrative region in the center of the Philippines, they are referred to as Region VI. Your administrative center is Iloilo City, in the metropolitan area Metro Iloilo.


The Western Visayas include the northern and western part of the island of Negros, Panay and Guimaras islands the complete. The administrative region covers a land area of ​​20,614 km ², to include many smaller islands as Sipaway, Sicogon, Boracay, Pan de Azucar and the islands of Gigantes Islands. The region has only one land border, in the southeast of the province of Negros Oriental, which belongs to the neighboring region of Central Visayas. In the north, the region is bounded by the Sibuyan Sea, east of the Visayan Sea and the Tanon Strait, to the west by the Sulu Sea. The most important sea routes in the administrative region are the Guimaras Strait and the Jintotolo channel. The highest elevation in the Western Visayas is the Kanlaon, he is one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines. Other volcanoes of Silay and the Mandalagan.

The largest rivers of the region are the Ilog River on Negros. Other important river systems are of Panay and the Jalaur River, this rise in the Central Panay Mountains. The Aklan River forms the Kalibo wetlands, it is the largest river delta in the region.

Island groups in the Western Visayas

  • Gigantes Islands
  • Caluya Islands

Islands in the Western Visayas

  • Batbatan Iceland
  • Binuluangan Iceland
  • Boracay
  • Calagnaan Iceland
  • Danjugan Iceland
  • Maniguin Iceland
  • Mararison Iceland
  • Pan de Azucar
  • Sicogon
  • Sipaway


The region is composed of the following six provinces:

  • Aklan Capital: Kalibo
  • Capiz Capital: Roxas City
  • Antique Capital: San Jose de Buenavista
  • Iloilo Capital: Iloilo City
  • Negros Occidental Capital: Bacolod City
  • Guimaras Capital: Jordan


The population of the Western Visayas is composed of a number of smaller nations together, the main working languages ​​are Cebuano and English, other regional languages ​​are Hiligaynon, Kinaray -a, Aklanon and Tagalog. The highest population density is achieved in Iloilo City, Bacolod City and Roxas City.

National Parks and Nature Reserves

  • Mount Kanlaon Natural Park
  • Northern Negros Natural Park
  • Bulabog - Putian National Park
  • Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park
  • Taklong Iceland National Marine Reserve
  • Sagay Marine Reserve
  • Ilog - Hilabangan Watershed Forest Reserve
  • Kabangkalan Watershed Forest Reserve

Important buildings

  • The Church of Santo Tomas de Villanueva heard with three other churches, under the title Baroque churches in the Philippines, to the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Significant educational institutions