The Westfalen- Express is a regional express train movement in North Rhine -Westphalia, the most important cities of Westphalia (including Minden, Bielefeld and Hamm ) with the Ruhr connects (especially Dortmund, Bochum, Essen, Duisburg and Dusseldorf ).


The NRW -Express ( RE 1 ) was one of the first regional express lines and inverted with five, sometimes up to eight double-deck coaches from Bielefeld Dortmund, Dusseldorf and Cologne to Aachen. Forerunner of today Westfalen- Express were weekday trains between the NRW - Express, which were used to measure compaction between Bielefeld and Dortmund. Dusseldorf on 24 May 1998, the Westfalen- Express (then with the line number RE 11) established - was To his relief then on the Bielefeld section.

The timetable change in 2002 was an extension of this movement of trains from Dusseldorf via Dortmund and Bielefeld addition to Minden, connected so that the zone number has been changed to the still valid (RE 6). At the same time the poor underutilized section of the NRW - Express between Bielefeld and Hamm was separated, so that the punctuality of the entire line should be improved in particular. For the distance Bielefeld - Minden the new Westfalen- Express meant Monday to Friday, a doubling of the transport offer.

Train route

The Westfalen- Express is running on four railway lines:

  • The railway line Hamm- Minden continuous ( together with all trains of regional and long distance traffic on the side from the freight tracks of the four-track route. )
  • The railway route Dortmund -Hamm continuous ( together with all trains of regional and long-haul )
  • The railway route Dortmund -Duisburg continuous ( long-distance tracks, together with all the features of regional and long-haul ),
  • The railway line between Cologne and Duisburg between Duisburg and Dusseldorf. In this four-to six-track section of the Westfalen- Express uses the S- Bahn tracks and the so-called local tracks, as well as the Rhein- Haard - Express RE 2, the Rhein- Emscher- Express RE 3 and partly also the S-Bahn. Only the NRW - Express RE 1, the Rhein- Express RE 5 and in the rush hour, the RB 35 use the remote distance tracks here.

Similar to the Rhein- Emscher- Express the Westfalen- Express running in a wide part of the main line of the Cologne -Minden Railway Company, between Dortmund and Duisburg he used, however, the more developed and more central Ruhr range of Bergisch- Märkischen Railway Company.

Train services

The Westfalen- Express runs every hour during the day from Minden to Dusseldorf, from the timetable change in December 2010 as a full offer on the entire line 7-22 clock. Until the timetable change in December 2010 there were days in edge lengths and individual traits with the turning points of Dortmund, Hamm and Bielefeld.

The clock is compressed to sub-sections by the NRW - Express and the Rhein- Hellweg - Express between Hamm and Duisburg, the Ems - flare train RB 69 between Bielefeld and Hamm, Weser- Leine- Express RE 70 and Porta- Express RE 78 between Bielefeld and Minden.

The RE 6 runs on a large section parallel to the S-Bahn lines and has partly taken the character of a fast train or commuter train, or is used as such by the passengers.

It is operated in rail passenger transport by DB Regio NRW, the push-pull trains of five double -decker cars strung with electric locomotives of the DB class 146.0 is used. As a substitute regularly come electric locomotives of the series 111 for the course. The scheduled time of maximum speed of 160 km / h can be extended to wide sections. The average speed is 84.5 km / h Chance also get vehicles of class 425 in use as RE 6

The Westfalen- Express is linked in Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Dortmund, Hamm, Bielefeld, Herford, Minden wages and with the rest of transport network in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. In addition, he secures at one part of the retaining direct connections to the remote transport.

Tendering the route

At the order of four special-purpose associations in North Rhine -Westphalia, the transport association Rhein-Ruhr ( VRR), on the Association SPNV Ruhr -Lippe, on the Association SPNV cathedral country and the Transport Association OstWestfalenLippe are involved.

According Quality Report 2007 of the VRR had the train of RE 6 in 2007 an average delay of 3.6 minutes and are thus slightly above the average of the RE lines in NRW. The rate of non- foreseeable losses amounted to approximately 1.75 % of all train rides, bringing the RE 6 moves about in the middle of the RE lines in NRW.

The large traffic contract based on which the line between Dortmund and Dusseldorf is operated, was terminated by VRR on 12 June 2008 without notice, since the DB operates him on this road, based on a imposition. On 19 December 2008 the Administrative Court Gelsenkirchen ruled that the termination of the "big traffic contract " was unlawful. The North Rhine-Westphalian PTAs have submitted a joint tender roadmap, which the RE line 6 is to be tendered along with the RE 5 Rhein- Express. Into operation for the RE 6 will be December 11, 2016.