Westinghouse Electric (1886)

Westinghouse ( Westinghouse Electric Corporation officially ) was an American company that produced mainly electrical products.


The company, founded in 1886 by George Westinghouse had its headquarters in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Westinghouse had previously been established the Westinghouse Air Brake Company ( WABCO ). Westinghouse Electric received her first patent for alternating current transmission. She was a pioneer in the field of long-distance and high-voltage transmission of electric energy ( commonly: electric " current ". ). In addition to George Westinghouse worked at the company also William Stanley, Nikola Tesla and Oliver B. Shallenberger.

Westinghouse at the time was the rival of General Electric. Between the two competitors is a "current war" in 1890 led to the use of DC or AC voltage. Westinghouse sat down beside it through with his AC system in the United States. During the " Roaring Twenties " made ​​Westinghouse Electric Group as a splendid business. However, this did mean that as those Westinghouse went down in history whose shares during the final stock market crash on October 29, 1929 ( Black Tuesday ) lost most of their value.

The company evolved into a group, which covered virtually the entire range of electrical products. In the 1960s, Westinghouse developed a concept of a nuclear power plant with pressurized water reactor that has been adopted and developed in Germany by Siemens. The nuclear power plant was a further development of the pressurized water reactor, the U.S. nuclear submarines, see nuclear power station Shippingport.

In 1995, Westinghouse, CBS, then decided to take the restructuring towards a pure media group in attack and named in 1997 in CBS Corporation to. The original core businesses were gradually sold. Finally, the nuclear power division Westinghouse Electric Company was sold to the British Nuclear Fuels in 1998 and finally came in 2006 to Toshiba. Westinghouse holds 52 % stake in the Japanese nuclear fuel manufacturer NFI ( Nuclear Fuel Industries, Genshinenryō Kōgyō ).

Viacom, a daughter of former CBS took over in 1999, which evolved from Westinghouse CBS Corporation and thus also its original parent company CBS.

2005 Viacom was split in two corporations, the "new" Viacom and the CBS Corporation. Legally, it is at the CBS Corporation to the former Viacom, whose name has been changed.

Also, as part of Toshiba is the company independently as Westinghouse Electric Company, headquartered in Monroeville on. It builds and currently plans to 17 new nuclear plants by pressurized water reactor type AP in 1000 in China, there are currently four power plants under construction.

In Europe, the Westinghouse Electric Company is represented by the independent subsidiary Westinghouse Electric Germany GmbH in Mannheim. Approximately 500 employees perform nuclear power plant inspections in Europe and Asia with robot systems by which have been developed in Mannheim. Until 2000, this company was part of the ABB Group.

Fields of activity

Airship Division

To Westinghouse Electric Corporation Westinghouse Airships were, Inc. and Westinghouse Surveillance Systems, Ltd.. , Which on 12 December 1996 by the Aviation Support Group, Ltd.. were bought and renamed Global Skyship Industries, Inc.. As aeronautics company was Westinghouse Airships, Inc. well known for the airships SkyShip 500 and Sentinel 1000th

Automobile Division

The subsidiary Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company in Pittsburgh built 1901-1903 electric vehicles and developed a gasoline-powered luxury car, built in France.