Westray is one of the Scottish Orkneys and is about 28 km north of the capital of the archipelago Kirkwall, which lies on Mainland. The island has in an area of ​​17 × 11.5 kilometers an area of ​​47.13 km ². The highest point of a ridge on the west coast, with 169 m of Fitty Hill.

Most of the 560 inhabitants live in the capital Piero Wall with boat connection to Papa Westray and Rapness, in the extreme south, the ferry terminal to Mainland. The main economic activities are fishing and agriculture, and to a lesser extent tourism.

In addition to the ferry, there is also a route to the small landing area in the north; the flight to the neighboring island of Papa Westray, with a length of 2.8 km and a period of about 2 minutes, the shortest scheduled flight in the world.


Excavations at the Knowe o Skea, on the southwest tip of the island, brought valuable insights into the Iron Age burials that were previously little explored. The extremely good degree of conservation of over 100 bodies is attributed to the high salt content of the soil. The Westray figurine was found during excavations in the Links of Noltland.