Wete is a city in Tanzania and is Chake - Chake next to one of the two largest cities in the state of Zanzibar to Pemba island belonging. Wete is the central administrative center of the " Pemba North Region ". The town is located about 20 kilometers north of Chake Chake -.

In Wete the session of the Parliament building of Zanzibar is located ( used for meetings on the island of Pemba ). Wete has a small port, but rather the local meaning ( among other things, a ferry service to Fundo Iceland ), but also by smaller motor vessels or dhows to the mainland (Tanga, Mombasa ) is utilized. The main port of Pemba is located in the south of the island in the city Mkoani.

Wete owns a hospital.

- 5.0539.733333333333Koordinaten: 5 ° 3 '0 "S, 39 ° 44' 0" E

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