Betting is a municipality in the district of Gießen, in Hesse. It consists of the three districts Krofdorf - Gleiberg, Wißmar and Launsbach.

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Geographical Location

Betting Mountain is located directly on the northern outskirts of casting in the land sliding Berger country. Geographically, the village is located on the northwestern interface of the Lahn Giessen sink for Krofdorfer forest in the east of Krofdorf - Konigsberg Forst, which is part of the Gladenbacher mountain country.

Betting mountain is just like the neighboring community Biebertal a popular suburban residential location on the south side of the Dünsbergs close to the top center casting. Due to the vast forest area of Krofdorfer Forst and Gleiberg betting mountain is also an important recreation area and tourist destination for the urban region of Gießen.

From north to north- westerly winds from the catchment areas in each of 10 square kilometers is not very water-rich Lahn tributaries Fohnbach ( 12.0 km ), sliding Bach (7,7 km) and Wissmarbach (6.2 miles) flowing through the municipality.

Neighboring communities

Betting mountain borders in the north on the community Lohra ( Marburg- Biedenkopf ), in the north- east on the town Lollar, in the southeast of the city of Giessen, in the south on the community Heuchelheim, and in the west on the community of Biebertal (all in the district of Gießen). Betting mountain, together with the neighboring municipalities Biebertal and Heuchelheim and Lahnau cooperation sliding Berger country

Community structure

Betting mountain consists of the districts Krofdorf - Gleiberg, Wißmar and Launsbach.


The three municipalities Krofdorf - Gleiberg, Wißmar and Launsbach were incorporated into the newly founded city Lahn in 1977 and formed in the Municipality betting Mountain (named after a wooded ridge that is approximately in the middle between the three villages ). After the dissolution of the city Lahn was from the municipality on 1 August 1979 under the name Wettenberg an independent municipality.


Municipal council

The local elections 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


In the mayoral election held on 7 June 2009, sat Thomas Brunner (SPD ) with a voter turnout of 60.1 %, with 71 % of the vote against Carsten Zörb (CDU ) by. Brunner, who in the administration had previously worked for 16 years as principal chief officer, has become the successor of Gerhardt Schmidt on February 1, 2010.

The 1986-2010 Acting Mayor Gerhardt Schmidt ( SPD) was confirmed on 7 September 2003 at the first ballot with 89.0 % of the vote for a fourth term of office. The turnout was 48.6 %, it appeared no rival candidate to the election. Schmidt broke in 1986 the then first mayor of betting mountain Günter Feußner from, who then took up work in the district of Gießen.

Regular events and club activities

Each year on the last weekend in July will be held the nationally known Oldies Golden Oldies Festival, musical, fashionable and culturally to life on the fifties, sixties and seventies again. Furthermore, local and nationally known festivals, such as flea market in Wißmar, Historic Market in Krofdorf - Gleiberg, Märchentag in Wißmar, Thanksgiving market in Launsbach and each have their own fair will take place even in the betting Berger districts.

In cooperation with neighboring municipalities from the sliding Berger country - Heuchelheim Media, Bochum and Lahnau - the " Three Märker hard " is annually celebrated, usually in conjunction with tourist events such as " sliding Berger country on the move ."

Nationally known are the annual classic winter concerts that have made under the name betting Winterspott concerts a name for himself among the connoisseurs of classical music. Traditionally, no admission is charged to the concerts, but donations will be requested at the end of the concert. The use of funds will be drawn up for a concert season in advance and publicly announced.

Furthermore betting mountain is one of a vibrant destination. Launsbach and Krofdorf - Gleiberg organize every year a stranger their own meeting with Prince pair and traditional Elferrat. In contrast Wißmar only every two years, a stranger meeting, which is known for its oddity and popular, because the session is designed to Motto and the Elferrat sits upon motto on stage. Every year on Shrove Monday Shrove Monday held a ball, which is organized by the Gymnastics and Sports Association Krofdorf - Gleiberg. Shrove Tuesday is the traditional carnival parade in Krofdorf - Gleiberg takes place on the participation of all three districts.

The active life of over 80 registered clubs in betting mountain comes not only through their involvement in the above-mentioned meetings express but is, for example, in close collaboration between community, schools and clubs at how the wood Technik Museum, the investment projects to national competitions (see below), which documents "Education initiative " and the like. In addition, the clubs themselves offer an extensive range of public events - from art and small animal exhibits, sporting & cultural events, guided walks, concerts, lectures and parties.


Betting mountain has its own motorway junction on the motorway 480 Wetzlar rice churches.

Recreation and tourism

In conjunction with the municipalities of the state betting slip Berger Mountain is committed to the development of sustainable tourism. Popular also for recreation are the outdoor swimming pool slide Berger country, the Wißmarer and Launsbacher lakes and hiking trails in the forest Krofdorfer. At first sights jumps Gleiberg the eye, but also the wood Technik Museum, the old churches and the museums of local history in the three districts are worth seeing.


The total school sliding Berger country (until July 2007: Betting Mountain School ) is the mid-level local school for all students from betting mountain and Heuchelheim. Since August 2007, for students from Biebertal and Hohenahr. After primary school the whole school goes sliding Berger land until the tenth grade and the student continues, whether for secondary school toward high school and university, be it for further vocational school or apprenticeship in a company.

Partner communities

  • France Sorgue, France
  • Tök Hungary, Hungary
  • Hungary Zsámbék, Hungary

Awards of betting community Berger

The community Wettenberg regularly takes part in competitions on various topics, especially in the field of environment / nature and sustainability. For example, betting mountain was called " conservation community " award in 2007 by the German Environmental Aid and the year before as the " Climate Protection Community ". 2009 bets mountain " Climate protection capital ". In October 2010 betting mountain is again awarded 2nd place in the competition " Climate protection capital 2010". In the competition "Our village " reached Launsbach 2011 2nd place.