Wetter (river)


The weather at Bad Nauheim Stone Furth


The weather springs on the edge of the Vogelsberg between Laubach and Scots, flows through Lich in the district of Gießen and flows Niddatal aces home in the Wetterau in the Nidda.

Data and character

The weather, whose catchment area covers about 517 km ², is named both for the scenery and for the Wetterau district of Wetterau. At its tributaries the United States belongs.

Like most rivers in the Wetterau it was straightened in early times and lowered in order to combat the risk of flooding, which has now proven to be quite the opposite effect.

Due to many wastewater treatment plants, the weather, even in summer a - relatively constant water level - compared to other waters of the same size. The water quality therefore oscillates only between stages II and III.


For the entertainment of the weather between the Gemarkungsgrenze Münster / upper Bessingen and the mouth of the river at the Nidda Wasserverband NIDDA is responsible, based in Friedberg ( Hessen). The association also operates the large flood retention basin above the town of Lich.

Bridge over the weather in Arnsburg Monastery

A waterwheel on the weather at Bad Nauheim - Schwalheim

At Dorheim

The weather in Niddatal aces home shortly before its confluence with the Nidda

The weather (right) joins the Nidda


Among the tributaries of the weather include ( downriver considered, kilometer data from estuary to source):

River system Weather

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Fish stocks

  • Brook trout
  • Pike
  • Different white fish