The acronym EFC stands for:

  • Wall exhaust air machine, a ventilation system for exhausting spent, humid or polluted air from rooms
  • Wehrmacht Operations Office of the High Command of the Wehrmacht, in 1940 renamed the Armed Forces Operations Staff
  • Weightlifting Federation of Africa, a continental federation of weightlifting World Federation International Weightlifting Federation
  • Wine Agency, in the wine trade, the designation of certain wine suppliers
  • Advertising Specialist Academy Baden- Württemberg, an advertising school in Stuttgart, today West German Academy for marketing and communication eV
  • Valuation Forum to date. Review journal for evaluators, one from 1995 to 2007, published quarterly magazine for real estate valuation, since 2008 under the title Real Estate &. Journal for Research, Law and Practice
  • West airline flight Aachen, a German airline ( see List of German airlines )
  • Viennese research on the archeology, a monograph series of the Institute of Classical Archaeology at the University of Vienna
  • Wi-Fi Alliance, a consortium of companies, established in 1999, the certified devices with wireless interfaces
  • Fluidized bed combustion Elverlingsen GmbH (EFC E GmbH ), a company founded in 1999 the Ruhr Association and Mark-E Aktiengesellschaft for operating a fluidized bed combustion for coal and sewage sludge at site Werdohl - Elverlingsen
  • Effect-Directed Assessment, a process in which the goals and measures formulated and the effects are systematically assessed
  • Economic and Financial Committee ( engl. Economic and Financial Committee, in short EFC ), a 1999 by the Ecofin Council employed body of the European Union
  • Economic Development Annaberg GmbH, Arnsberg GmbH Economic Development, Economic Promotion Agency district of Plön, the societies for economic development in the places mentioned
  • WiSo Leadership Academy Nuremberg (EFC ), a 1989 founded an affiliated institute of the University of Erlangen- Nuremberg
  • Women's Football Alliance, an American Football League
  • Women's Funding Alliance, a Founded in 1983, American Foundation for the advancement of women and girls based in Seattle
  • World Fantasy Award, one in 1975 at the World Fantasy Convention conferred Fantasy Literature Prize
  • World Federation of Advertisers, the World Association founded in 1953, the advertising company headquartered in Brussels
  • World Fighting Alliance, founded in 2001, a US-based mixed martial arts martial arts organization
  • World Freight Alliance, a federation of freight forwarding and logistics company
  • Worm Farming Alliance, a website on issues of worm composting

The abbreviation stands for WfA:

  • Prosperity for All ( magazine), an anarchist magazine that was published from 1907 to 1914 in Vienna

The abbreviation stands for Wfa:

  • Wohnungsbauförderungsanstalt North Rhine -Westphalia, an existing 1958-2009 state institution for housing subsidies, their tasks and operations were taken over by the NRW.Bank

The abbreviation stands for wfa:

  • West German Famulantenaustausch, founded in 1971, a medical student organization, since 1991 German Famulantenaustausch ( DFA ), 2004 dawned in the Federal Representation of medical students in Germany
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