WFC Corso 99/Vineta

The WFC Corso 99 / Vineta is a football club based in the Berlin district of Wedding. The club was formed in 1996 as a merger between the clubs SV Corso / Vineta and the Weddinger FC.


The oldest predecessor organization was the BSC Corso 99, which was originally located in the Prenzlauer Berg district and in the 1920s, partly in the Oberliga Berlin -Brandenburg ( from 1933 Gauliga ) played. After the Second World War, initially joined under the name SG Prenzlauer Berg - North before 1950, back to the old name was adopted. From then on, the club had its sporting home in the western part of the city, although most members still came from the eastern part. The building of the Berlin Wall in 1961 was therefore a severe test for the club.

The later fusion partner SC Hakoah Berlin was launched by the Jewish community in Berlin on 22 July 1905 and was banned during the period of National Socialism. In 1946, the club founded again, but renamed itself in 1953 to 05 Spielvereinigung Vineta. 1973 went to the club with 99 Corso the merger under the name SV Corso / Vineta one.

In 1972 the clubs BFC Columbia 08 and Spielvereinigung Athens 1914 had merged to Weddinger FC 08. While Columbia 08 and Athens 14 never got over the lower classes, succeeded to the Wedding, FC 1985, the rise in the then fourth-rate division of Berlin, where it remained until 1993.

Currently plays the WFC Corso 99/Vineta in the county league as