Wget is a free command line utility from the GNU project for downloading files from the Internet. Supported protocols include FTP, HTTP and HTTPS. The program is available for, among other UNIX, GNU / Linux, OS / 2, Windows and SkyOS. It is under the GNU General Public License. Wget is included with several Linux distributions. A program similar function is cURL, which also supports the uploading.

In addition to individual files Wget can download easily at the same time associated with web resources, such as images. It can also copy complete websites, such as for offline reading or for archiving. Wget is to configure in detail, it understands more than hundred command -line parameters.

Wget was originally developed in 1995 by Hrvoje Nikšić and for the first time ( first under the name getURL ) published in January 1996. From January 2008 to April 2010 Wget was supervised by Micah Cowan and since April 2010, the main developer Giuseppe Scrivano.