Gwget is the download manager from the GNU Network Object Model Environment ( GNOME ).

With Gwget downloads can be easily managed using the following functions:

  • Download resuming: Gwget tried after an unwanted abortion resume downloads
  • Notification Area (Gnome notification area): Gwget runs in the background
  • Create, offline web pages ( selectively according to media data, etc.): Recursivity
  • Drag & Drop: url can be added from the main window or the icon in the Notification Area to the download source
  • Firefox extension: FireGet
  • Epiphany Add-On

The Firefox extension FireGet only works until Firefox version 1.6. In more recent versions of Firefox, you can integrate Gwget with the extension FlashGot.

During the download Gwget shows on demand to the estimated remaining duration of the operation, which already amount of data transmitted or further information.