Whac - A-Mole is an arcade or a computer game and toy, in the moles that come out of holes need to be beaten back into the holes using a hammer or keys. (The mole is English the mole and whack say " put a banging beat ," slap. ) The game was originally invented in 1971 by Aaron Fechter. Bob 's Space Racers, the game patent pending. There are numerous implementations of the game, mechanical and electronic, as well as conversions for home computers.


In the original version, there are two players each with three holes above and two below. It used black rubber hammers.

In the electronic version Mole Attack ( 1982), there are 3 × 3 holes ( nine large buttons )

Aim of the game

The player must meet or be faster than his opponent as many moles. Thus, a competition arises to the reactivity. Later in the same time several moles come out.



  • Whac - A-Mole, 1971, game machine with real holes, rubber mallet ( redemption game)
  • Mole Hunter ( Data East, 1980) ( electronic)
  • Mole Attack ( Yachiyo Electronics, 1982)
  • Holey Moley ( Tai, 1982)
  • Monkey Mole Panic ( Taito, 1992)


Mostly as Mole Attack

  • VC -20
  • C-64
  • Gameboy Advance (2005)
  • Nintendo DS
  • Windows / Flash
  • Macintosh ( Smack -a- Skunk by Ingemar Ragnemalm for Mac Classic with any replaceable small picture )
  • Mobile Games
  • As Wak -A- Council in computer game Sam & Max
  • Numerous newer versions. Especially popular are heads of politicians rather than the moles. There are also letters for learning the ABC.


There is also a small plastic version for children.