Wheel alignment

Under suspension geometry is defined as the constructive, partially adjustable design of parameters which affect the tracking accuracy and the steering characteristics of a vehicle significantly.

Depending on the purpose of a vehicle, the different parameters are set automatically and set in relation to each other.


Two-wheeled vehicles (bicycles and motorcycles )

  • The caster has the greatest impact on driving behavior. A short follow-up increases the Kurvenwendigkeit, a long stability in straight!
  • The steering head angle is determined together with the offset caster
  • In the wheelbase the same ways as the caster, only the small changes you make little off. A short wheelbase makes a two-wheeler principle agile.

Motorway vehicles

In addition to the parameters of the suspension geometry of single-track vehicles, the multi-track vehicles are determined by ( below) additional parameters:

  • Gauge
  • Toe
  • Fall
  • Track offset angle
  • The spread is the slope of the expansion axis projected onto a transverse plane of the vehicle