When the Grapevines Bloom on the Danube

  • Hansjörg Felmy: Frank Richter
  • Ingeborg Beautiful: Gabriele Welser
  • Peter Weck: Dr. Walter Kuntz
  • Gaston Brocksieper: Florian Richter
  • Letitia Roman: Susi Müller
  • Fred Liewehr: Dr. Maurus force
  • Rudolf Carl: Winemaker
  • Elisabeth Markus: Councillor Welser
  • Ottilie Iwald: Mrs Beck
  • Richard Eybner: Servant Ferdinand
  • Edd Stavjanik: Chauffeur Martin
  • Hans Habietinek: Tagportier
  • Fritz Puchstein: Night Porter
  • Hansi Prince: hostess Aurora

On the Danube, where the wine is blooming a German -Austrian home movie of Géza von Cziffra from the year 1965.


Florian Richter's mother died shortly after his birth, so that the boy grows up with his father Frank. This indicates Although every effort with the boys awakened, but can also afford a nanny and a chauffeur to be a successful architect who relieve him work. Since Florian goes to school, but he misses a real mother. In a bookstore, he meets the beautiful bookseller Gabriele Welser, with whom he makes known the same. Both state that they are planning a trip to the Wachau at the same time. While Florian is driven by a chauffeur with his father Frank Martin and as the goal of the Abbey of St. Florian, Gabriele plans to travel with her fiance, the chemist Walter Kuntz, and wants to Vienna with her grandmother.

Already in Passau and Gabrielle Walters separate ways, as Walter would rather be driven on the highway as across the state. He complains about the dust in the convertible and the ever rutted tire and are to realize that he has never been interested in contrast to Gabriele for architecture. The unnerved decides to undertake the further journey by ship. In Passau, she meets Florian and told him about their travel plans. Florian again convinced his father Frank, the journey to Linz - continue by boat - where Martin will be waiting with the car. On board he makes Frank and Gabriele know each other, who are sympathetic. In Linz, Frank and Florian disembark. As Gabriele's ship will continue until the next day, Florian goes at night to her and convinces her to continue the journey with them by car. It is planned to visit Florian's uncle Maurus in St. Florian's Priory in St. Florian. Gabriele says to. The three of them visit the baroque monastery of St. Florian, where Florian prays to get into Gabriele a new mother. Even Uncle Maurus recognizes that Florian and Frank Gabriele have in their hearts and talks Frank too good not to let them go. At a marriage proposal very amateurish formulated but Gabriele reacts surprised and traveling the next day from rushed. Secretly Florian takes the next bus to Vienna, where he finds the house of the grandmother of Gabrielle and Gabriele encounters.

Meanwhile, moving Walter from Passau to Linz with the convertible and go take the hitchhiker with Susi. In Linz he looks in vain for Gabriele and Susi travels to Vienna, where he was Susie's grandmother has organized a job. He gets the job, but does not accept him, because he has fallen in love with Susi, who does not live in Vienna. He travels to Gabriele's grandmother, where he meets Gabriele and Florian. Gabriele, meanwhile, has decided that she loves more than Frank Walter and Walter tells her that he has fallen in love with Suzy. Walter goes and Frank comes to pick Florian. He and Gabriele confess finally their love and Gabriele's grandmother is excited about the new grandchild Florian.


On the Danube, when the wine was turned flourishes among others in Passau and Vienna and saw its premiere on October 15, 1965. He has clear parallels to the German Heimat Film Moselfahrt from lovesickness from 1953, in which Will Quadflieg and Elisabeth Müller held the lead roles. Here, as there is about a boy who is an orphan and for his father or his mother is looking for a new partner. While in the Mosel River from lovesickness a trip along the Mosel is made, the protagonists go in on the Danube, where the wine is flourishing and the Danube from Passau to Vienna. In contrast to the film from the year 1953, the landscape images will be interspersed unrelated to the storyline and acting as " more like a tourism promotion ".


The lexicon of the International film called On the Danube, where the wine blossoms as " cheerful, feeling blissful family movie. " Other critics saw the home movie " a little successful work of the director Geza von Chiffra ".

The Evangelical movie watchers described the strip as " Daddy's cinema in its purest form, being only so reveled in stereotypes. "