Wholly Moses!

Oh, Moses! ( Original title: Wholly Moses! ) Is a in the style of Monty Python or Mel Brooks parody of the film The Ten Commandments and the life story of Moses.


A tour group, which also includes the young tourists Harvey and Zoey, takes place in the wilderness of Judea, a cave where the scrolls stored for thousands of years.

However, on this they need to realize that not Moses, but a simple tailor's son named Herschel has led the Israelites out of Egypt. Moses himself did not feel up to the task and his buddy Herschel the task.

But Pharaoh will not so easily swayed, so God sent ten plagues upon Egypt.


The cinematic history in which other biblical characters, including David and Goliath, Lot and his wife as well as the miracles of Jesus were satirical illuminated surprised with the knowledge that even a moron like Herschel could be a hero. This may have been one reason why critics have denounced the disrespectful treatment of a biblical story here.