Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Wi- Fi Protected Setup ( WPS) is a standard developed by the Wi- Fi Alliance for easy configuration of a wireless home network with encryption.

The goal of WPS is to simplify adding devices to an existing network. When focus is placed here the otherwise often cumbersome establishment of a sound encryption.


To achieve this goal, four different models have been developed which are intended to limit the need for configuration by the user:

To get a WPS certification by the Wi- Fi Alliance, an access point must support at least the first two methods. Wireless devices that act as a client, only need to support the first method.


Enabling the WPS PIN method in the access point leads many models means that a foreign device can connect via a brute- force method within a few hours and thus the security key is replaced regardless of the encryption technology used. Through a common mistake in the implementation, it is often only necessary to erwürfeln a four-digit and three-digit PIN, which significantly reduces the number of possibilities. It is therefore advisable to enable the feature only when necessary to consider the application of the device and then disable WPS again. A number of the access point is the WPS function, although this has been disabled in the settings, still active.