Wicd (Wireless Interface Connection Daemon) is an application for managing network connections for Linux. Wicd is a free software project that has as its goal, especially the wireless connections easier and user friendly to manage.

The program is based on Python and is the most common alternative to GNOME's Network Manager. The application is dependent in contrast to this non- GNOME libraries, which constitutes a highly attractive especially for stand-alone window manager like Fluxbox or Openbox.


The first version 1.0.0 was released on 14 November 2006 in the English ubuntuforums.org. The original name was the Connection Manager, but this was changed with the GNOME Network Manager to wicd because of many confusions.


Wicd is backward compatible with Unix commands such as iwconfig or ifconfig and supports the most common encryption, such as Wi- Fi Protected Access (WPA), Wired Equivalent Privacy ( WEP) or Tunneled Transport Layer Security ( TTLS ). It is fully on the console user interface ( wicd -curses ) configurable.: