Wiesberg Castle

Castle Wiesberg stands on a rock on the Trisanna, community Tobadill where the Paznauntal empties into the Stanzertal. The castle was probably built by the Bishopric of Chur in the 13th century and is now in private ownership.

End of the 14th century the castle belonged to the Counts of Tyrol and was awarded as fief to the Rottenburger. After the extinction of this dynasty in 1411, the castle was pledged, from 1770 to 1840 to the Counts of Wolkenstein.

1809 a skirmish between local rifle and Bavarian troops took place in the coalition wars in the vicinity of the castle.

The donjon was given its present pyramid roof until 1908, after he had been increased. A building from the 15th century connects it to a small palace. In the northwestern corner of up to 270 cm thick circular wall is built a chapel in 1420.