Wiesen, Austria

  • ÖVP: 12
  • WiP Template: Election chart / Maintenance / Name: 7
  • SPÖ: 3
  • FPÖ: 1

Meadows (Hungarian: Rétfalu, Croatian: Bizmet ) is a market town in the district Matter castle in Burgenland in Austria.


Meadows at the foot of the mountain range between Rosalie Bad Sauerbrunn and Forchtenstein at an altitude of 306 m above sea level. A.. The municipality is located the Natural Park Rosalia Kogelberg.

Districts are Anger, village, digging and meadows north.


Before Christ's birth, the area was part of the Celtic kingdom of Noricum and belonged to the area of the Celtic hillfort castle on the Schwarzenbacher Castle Hill.

Later, under the Romans today meadows lay then in the province of Pannonia.

The place belonged, like the rest of Burgenland until 1920/21 Hungary ( German West Hungary). Since 1898, had to be used because of Magyarization the government in Budapest the Hungarian name Rétfalu.

After the end of World War II German West Hungary was awarded in the Treaties of St. Germain and Trianon in 1919 Austria after tough negotiations. The place belongs since 1921 to the newly founded State of Burgenland (see also history of Burgenland ).

Since 1997, meadows market town.




  • Mayor is the Member of the Landtag Burgenland Matthias Weghofer of the ÖVP.
  • Council: The distribution of seats (23 seats) in the municipal council is: ÖVP 12, SPO 3, 1 FPÖ and WiP 7 mandates

Coat of arms

Blazon: divided in shields, split up of green and gold, a golden bowl of fruit, gold is a natural strawberry, gespickelt down gold and green.

The coat of arms was granted on 11 February 1981.


  • Johann Habeler (1895-1967), politician and Baupolier
  • Manfred Kremser (1950-2013), ethnologist and consciousness researcher

Culture and sights

  • New parish church of the Holy Spirit
  • Ehem. Parish Church of St. Barbara / mortuary to the cemetery
  • Wayside chapel hl. Johannes Nepomuk / Anger Chapel
  • Pest-/Dreifaltigkeitssäule

Since 1976, regular events are held at the nearby meadows in the northern part of the festival grounds. The characteristic Marquee, a steel support structure, can accommodate 4000 visitors, an open- air area for more 4000.

Festivals such as Forest Glade, Sunsplash, Two Days A Week, Spring vibration, groove Quake or the Urban Art Forms Festival bring a total of over 100,000 visitors in the Strawberry community. The " Jazzfest Wiesen " is held annually in July.


  • Witt rings in Germany