Wilde (Eder)


The Wilde ( called the upper reaches also Wölfte ) is a 17.1 km long, right or south-westerly flow of Eder, who runs in the city of Bad Wildungen in Waldeck- Frankenberg, North Hesse ( Germany ).


The Wölfte originates in the forested mountains of the basement Forest in about 500 m on the western flank of the Wölftekopfes ( 567.1 m above sea level. NN ), which is located west of the village dog, a district of Bad Wildungen. From its source to pass through the Nature Park basement Edersee in the north-east and slightly north past the village dog. Approximately 600 m south of the springs Urff, the first flows parallel to Wölfte and turns to the southeast from the village dog.

Northeast of dog village changes the Wölfte its course to the north, and is called from the mouth of the coming of Midwest small Sillbachs Wilde. It flows through Bad Reinhardshausen and flows around the Homberg ( 518 m above sea level. NN ) to its west, northwest and north flank of the northeast. Then she reached eastward flowing the district Reitzenhagen where it flows out from the cellar forest and at the same time flows into the mostly treeless wild Unger urbanization area. Then she squeezes between Altwildungen in the Northeast and the core city of Bad Wildungen in the southwest, and reaches after passing under the B 485 to the north snapping off the eastern wild Unger district Vega.

The mouth of the Wild in the Eder is located just north of Vega at the Eder 35.3 km less than 9 km below the Affolderner lake. The situated at about 180 m height Wilde- junction opposite waves.

Catchment area

The catchment area of ​​the savages, a body of water III. Is order, comprises 51.868 km ².


Among the tributaries of the Wild downriver viewed with orographic mapping (l = left side, R = right side), river length and Mündungsort with Wild river kilometer:

  • Sillbach ( l, 1 km; between dog village and Reinhardshausen; 12.6 km )
  • Borne Bach ( r, 2.5 km; between Altwildungen and Bad Wildungen to Linde Road, 5.4 km )
  • Sonderbach (r; 8.1 km; Wildungener at Bath station; tributaries are the Cold Born Bach and the Bach Watches / Urenbach; 4.2 km )
  • Big Brunnenbach (r, 4 km, east of Bad Wildungen at Berliner Straße, a tributary is the Erdbach; 3.0 km )
  • Landwehr (r; 3.9 km, east of Bad Wildungen at B 485, km 2.65)


The villages of the savages ( downriver considered ):

  • Bad Wildungen bath Reinhardshausen
  • Bad Wildungen - Reitzenhagen
  • Bad Wildungen - Altwildungen
  • Bad Wildungen
  • Bad Wildungen - Wega