Bach course: right source - left mouth

Wild creek in Unterwilden

The Wild Bach ( also Torrent ) is a 11.7 km long creek with savages in the southern Winner district of North Rhine -Westphalia.



The Wild brook rises in the valley between the mountains Kalteiche (height: 579.3 m ) and the west of it located 468.7 m high wild mountain at an altitude of about 538 m. From there, it flows down the valley around the wild mountain in the southern end of the country Kroner pond. A dam at the northern end dammed the water in the pond. There, the stream runs out and the industrial area Landeskrone over. Between Middle and Upper savages it flows out into the community through the Wildebachtal to the heights of Bautenberg around and in Unterwilden. By Salchendorf it flows next to train tracks to the company SSI Schaefer, under the premises in a tube. In the center of Neunkirchen the Wild brook flows into the Light that comes from the direction Zeppenfeld, at an altitude of approximately 268 m.


The first stream which Wiebel houses Bach rises south of Kalteiche and flows about 4 km in the Wild brook. A major tributary, the Little torrent arises between Wilnsdorf and Highway 45, including flows forth and flows into Upper Wilder in Wilde Bach. From the Little Murmur (northwest of savages ) after Salchendorf runs the Good creek that flows into the Wild brook at the entrance to the village. The detectable side streams or inlets are:

Places on the Wild Bach

(in order of the through- flow)

  • Wild
  • Salchendorf
  • Neunkirchen


Mountains and elevations on and around the Wild Bach are:

  • Kalteiche ( 579.3 m)
  • Löhrsberg ( 561.6 m)
  • Wildenberg ( 468.7 m)
  • Walker Mountain villages (526 m)
  • Bautenberg ( 512.9 m)
  • Stollenberg ( 467.2 m)
  • Elkersberg ( 443.2 m)
  • Small intoxication ( 443.1 m)
  • Top Mountain ( 409.8 m)
  • Zeal steel head ( 436.9 m)
  • Leyenkopf ( 431.5 m)
  • Raßberg ( 417.6 m)
  • Reifenberg (413 m)
  • Hellerberg ( 366.9 m)

Nature reserve Wildenbachtal

The reserve Wildenbachtal was set in 1990 and extends through the entire valley between the villages of savages and Salchendorf over a length of about 1.8 km. The reserve has an area of ​​about 20 ha, 15 ha of which belong to the municipality of Neunkirchen. The area extends on both sides up to the edge of the forest, the widest part has a width of about 350 m, the narrowest is about 25 m wide. The area lies at an altitude 300-330 m.

The meadows are natural and marshy, the river flows in its natural bed. The woodlands on the edge consist largely of economic spruce plantations.


Regularly the Wild brook passes through a lot of rain or snow melt on the shore, mostly meadows are flooded. In November 1890 was particularly bad, as it had been raining for days and also the dam of the country Kroner pond could not stand the pressure and gave way. The Wildener fields and meadows were almost fully invested by the stream, thus they were devastated and destroyed the winter crop. Farmhouses, sheds and stables were destroyed and swept away. Today, houses and roads are higher than the creek through embankment.