Wilhelm Busch Prize

The Wilhelm -Busch Prize for satirical and humorous verse text is held annually in the city of Hagen, the home region of Wilhelm Busch awarded. Donors are the Schaumburg countryside, the Schaumburg news and Sparkasse Schaumburg.

Since 2006 he has divided into two groups: in the actual Wilhelm -Busch Prize and in the additional Wilhelm -Busch Prize as a competitive price. ( Previously, he was a pure competitive price.) The main prize is worth 10,000 euros since 2006, the prize money for the also divisible prize is 1,500 euros.

The Wilhelm -Busch Prize will only be awarded every two years since 2011.

Winners of the redesigned Wilhelm -Busch Prize with Award

  • 2006 Robert Gernhardt; Prizes: Dirk Nightingale and Helmut Opitz
  • 2007 Loriot; Prizes: Gerhard Seyfried and Bruno Wendt; Special Price: Lena Krochmann
  • 2008 F. W. Bernstein; Prizes: Christian Maintz and Christian Mahnke

Winners of the Wilhelm -Busch Prize

Called each of the first three winners

  • Award Gerhard Seyfried, Bruno Wendt
  • Special Price Lena Krochmann
  • Discount Christian Maintz, Christian Mahnke
  • Hans- Huckebein Price: Volker Henning, Dieter Brandl

Known members of the jury

  • Gisela Vetter - Liebenow, Director of the Wilhelm Busch Museum in Hanover
  • Hans -Georg Bögner, CEO of Sparkasse Foundation Culture, cultural scientist
  • Martin Jurgeit, journalist and editor of journals
  • Dietrich Grünewald, professor of art education and chairman of the Society for Research Comic