Wilhelm Grube

Wilhelm Grube ( born August 17, 1855 in Saint Petersburg, † July 2, 1908 in Hallensee in Berlin) was a German sinologist, linguist and ethnologist.


Wilhelm pit was curator at the Asian Museum of the St. Petersburg Academy, but went in 1883 as Direktorialassistent the Museum of Ethnology in Berlin. He was a student of the Petersburg Vasily Vasilyev sinologist and the Leipzig linguist George of the Gabelentz. In 1884 he became a Privatdozent, 1892 Associate Professor of Chinese Studies. Otto Franke, Emil Krebs, Berthold Laufer and Erich Haenisch were among his pupils.

Mine carried out studies on the Manchurian and related languages ​​. With the Petersburg Iranisten Carl Salemann and with the later acting in Peru ethnologists Max Uhle he was in correspondence.

His last resting place in the cemetery pit Wilmersdorf.


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