Wilhelm Hemprich

Friedrich Wilhelm Hemprich (* June 24, 1796 in Glatz, Prussia, † June 30, 1825 in Massawa, Ottoman Empire ) was a Prussian naturalist, zoologist and physician.


Hemprich studied in Breslau and Berlin Medicine and received his doctorate. In Berlin, he became friends with Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg, who, as Hemprich, also had a great interest in natural history. In the year 1820/21 were both invited by Martin Lichtenstein on an expedition to Egypt, which should support them as a naturalist. The trip went from Cairo to Derna. On a second expedition from 1821 to 1825, they traveled along the Nile to the south, crossed the Sinai desert and the Lebanon and traveled to the Red Sea. On the way, they collected natural history specimens. Hemprich died in the port of Massawa to fever.

Hemprich was a member of the Corps Teutonia Wroclaw and Borussia Breslau ( 1819).


  • Symbolae physicae. Mediator, Berlin 1828-33 pm. ( co: Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg )
  • Outline of the natural history of institutions of higher learning. Rücker, Berlin 1820-29 pm.