Wilhelm Tomaschek

Wilhelm Tomaschek ( Czech: Vilem Tomasek ) ( born May 26, 1841 in Olomouc, † September 9, 1901 in Vienna) was a Czech- Austrian geographer and orientalist.

He taught from 1877 as an associate professor of geography at the University of Graz. In 1881 he was appointed full professor. In the academic year 1884/1885 he served as Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy. In 1885 he moved to the University of Vienna.

Tomaschek was a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences in Vienna, real since 1899 Member since 1882.

In his honor, the Tomaschekstraße in the 21st district of Vienna Floridsdorf was named in 1933.

Writings (selection )

  • Central Asian Studies, 1877
  • For historical topography of Persia, 1883-1885
  • For historical topography of Asia Minor in the Middle Ages, 1891
  • The Ancient Thracians. An ethnological study, 1893-1894