Will Champion

Will Champion ( born July 31, 1978 as William Champion in Southampton, Hampshire ) is a British musician and drummer of English alternative rock band Coldplay. Together with the other members of the band, he is a multiple Grammy winner.


Champion was born in Southampton, where his father was Timothy Champion professor of archeology at the university there. Later he attended Cantell Secondary School in Bassett, Southampton and the Royal Hospital School in Holbrook, Suffolk, before studying anthropology at University College London. At university he worked part-time as a bouncer for a bar Coldplay is not his first band, before he starred in the British indie band Fat Hamster guitar. He also mastered the bass and the piano. In 2003 he married Marianne Dark. Champion is the father of three children. Ava, his first daughter was born on 14 April 2006. Two years later, on 7 May 2008, his second daughter Juno and his first son Rex came as twins to the world.

In 1996 he founded with Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland and Guy Berryman the popular band Coldplay.

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The Coldplay album Parachutes is Will's mother Sara, who has lost the battle with cancer shortly before the debut of the album in 2000, dedicated.

Champion who is otherwise the drummer from Coldplay, Viva la Vida sang during the tour the song " Death Will Never Conquer " whose version is on the 2009 release live album Left Right Left Right Left. Also for the new album Mylo Xyloto published in 2011, he contributed backing vocals.