William Accambray

William Accambray (2012)

As of January 26, 2014

William Accambray ( born April 8, 1988 in Cannes ) is a French handball player. He is 1.94 meters tall and weighs 104 kg and is usually used on the left back position. In his club Montpellier AHB he wears the number 7 and in the national team, the 18th

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William Accambray started playing handball at age 6 when ASPTT Grasse. At age 14, he joined the club handball Mougins Mouans -Sartoux ( HBMMS ); a year later, he joined the handball club Mandelieu HB. His professional career began at the HB Mougins Mouans -Sartoux Mandelieu in the French Maritime Alps, where he played in the National League 2

After a year he moved to the French first division club Montpellier HB. In the first season with Montpellier he was only eight missions in which he threw eleven goals. In the second season Accambray William had 25 missions and met 44 times the gate, which once from the 7- meter point. In the following season he played 20 games and hit 39 times; in the 2008 /09 season, he threw in 26 games scored 74 goals. The next year he met 118 times the gate. In the 2010/11 season in which he threw 139 gates, he was named the best player in the Ligue Nationale de Handball. In the season 2011/12 he extended his contract in Montpellier HB until 2016. Previously William Accambray threw 474 goals in 142 games, reaching an average of 3.3 goals per game. With Montpellier HB he played in the seasons 2005/2006 bis 2011/2012 in the EHF Champions League.


For the French national team Accambray played his first international match on 19 March 2009 against the Portuguese selection, in which he replaced Karabatic. So far, he has thrown 170 goals in 66 internationals.

He was in the squad for the European Handball Championship 2010 in Austria and was Europameister.Bei the World Cup 2011 in Sweden, he met 34 times to score. His first goal of the World Cup threw William Accambray in the first group match against Tunisia in the 48 minutes to 24:16. In the same game he hit two more times the gate. In the second match against Egypt William played just eight minutes and did not meet this goal. In the third group stage match against Bahrain Accambray met five times the gate, just as in the fourth match against the German team. In the last game of the group stage against Spain, he met only in the 5th minute to 5:1. In the first main round game William Accambray met six times the goal against Hungary, in the next game against Norway, he met five times in the last match of the main round Group 1 against Iceland, he threw four goals. In the semifinals against the selection of Sweden, he scored three goals. In the final, France came to Denmark; Accambray scored two goals and was awarded the French champion.

Due to an injury at the elbow William Accambray did not get much playing time at the European Championship in Serbia and met 13 times, including 10 in the last game against the Icelandic selection. In summer 2012, he participated in the Olympic Games in London, where he won the gold medal. At the European Championships in 2014 he was European champion.

Balance in the Ligue Nationale de Handball

Best Merits


  • Six times French champion: 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Four times French Cup Winners: 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013
  • French League Cup five times: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011


  • Olympic Games 2012: 1st place (Olympic Champion)
  • World Cup 2011 in Sweden
  • European champion in 2010 and 2014
  • 3rd place at the European Junior Championships


  • Best player of the French Handball League 2010/2011


His parents Jacques and Isabelle Accambray Accambray were also athletes. His father had specialized in the discipline hammer throw and discus throw on his mother. His younger brother Michaël Accambray plays volleyball in Montpellier. His older sister Jennifer Accambray has specialized on the javelin.