William Anderson Handley

William Anderson Handley (* December 15, 1834 in Liberty Hill, near Franklin, Heard County, Georgia, † June 23, 1909 in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama ) was an American politician (Democratic Party).


William Anderson Handley moved to Alabama, where he attended public schools. Then he moved to Roanoke ( Alabama). During the American Civil War he served in the Confederate Army. He held the rank of captain there in the 25th Regiment. After the war he went to commercial activities.

Handley also pursued a political career. He was elected to the 42 U.S. Congress, where he served from March 4, 1871 to March 3, 1873. Then he was 1888-1892 Member of the Senate of Alabama. He took 1901 as a delegate to participate in the Constituent Assembly of Alabama. Then he was 1903-1907 Member of the House of Representatives from Alabama.