William B. Bankhead

William Brockman Bankhead ( born April 12, 1874 in Moscow, Lamar County, Alabama, † September 15, 1940 in Washington DC) was an American lawyer and politician (Democratic Party).


William Bankhead attended the village school. He graduated in 1893 from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and 1895 at the Law School of Georgetown University in Washington. He was admitted to the bar the same year and then began practicing in Huntsville (Alabama ).

Bankhead also pursued a political career. He was in the years 1900 and 1901, a deputy in the House of Representatives from Alabama. He also worked 1898-1902 as a prosecutor of Huntsville. Bankhead moved to Jasper in 1905, where he continued his activities as a lawyer. He was 1910-1914 Solicitor in the 14th Judicial District of Alabama. Last year, he ran unsuccessfully for a nomination for the 64th Congress. Then he was elected to the 65th Congress as well as the eleven succeeding Congresses. Bankhead belonged to the House of Representatives of the United States on 4 March 1917 to 15 September 1940. During this time, he had presided over the Committee on Rules ( 73 Congress ). In addition, he was Majority Leader ( 74th Congress ) and Speaker of the House ( 74th to 76th Congress ). Bankhead took in 1940 as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in part. He died the same year in Washington; the funeral service was held in the hall of the U.S. House of Representatives. He was then buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Jasper.


William B. Bankhead was the son of John H. Bankhead and brother of John H. Bankhead II, both U.S. Senators. He was also the uncle of U.S. Representative Walter W. Bankhead.