William Binney (U.S. intelligence official)

William Binney ( William Edward "Bill" Binney; * in Pennsylvania, United States) is a former American intelligence service staff and technical director of the National Security Agency ( NSA).

On 31 October 2001, he retired after 30 years working for the NSA from service and became a whistleblower. For years he tried to draw attention to the data collecting mania of the NSA.

In December 2012, he held together with Thomas Drake a lecture at the 29th Chaos Communication Congress of the Chaos Computer Club in Hamburg where he presented, among other things, that only the U.S. telecommunications giant AT & T NSA -sufficient daily with several hundred million users mark.

Together with J. Kirk Wiebe, and Thomas Drake, as he former NSA employees who are critical of the monitoring programs of the NSA for years, he acknowledged the public had become by the whistleblower Edward Snowden in June 2013 comprehensive monitoring practices of the NSA in monitoring and espionage 2013th After they were suspected of being criminals and had lost her career and reputation, they feel vindicated by the leaked documents by Snowden.