William DeVaughn

William DeVaughn (* 1948 in Washington, DC) is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist who strongly resembles in its style of Curtis Mayfield. He became famous for his hit Be Thankful For What You Got ( Diamond In The Back).


DeVaughn worked as an administrative employee and part-time as entertainers. For the recording of Be Thankful For What You Got it paid the Omega Studio in Philadelphia. At the recording session, the Phillysound group MFSB participated. The owner of the Omega Studios, Frank Fioravanti was impressed and arranged for the publication of the title by Roxbury Records.

The recording was sold after its publication in the spring of 1974, almost two million copies. It was # 1 in the U.S. R & B charts and number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Be Thankful For What You Got was later sampled and gecovert, including by Massive Attack and several rap artists several times.

Shortly after the first hit success DeVaughn released an album. His second single, Blood Is Thicker Than Water, reached the top ten of the U.S. R & B charts. A short time later, DeVaughn withdrew from the music business. In 1980 he reached but once again the charts with the title "Figures Can not Calculate". In 2004 he published the I Came Back single on his own label Mighty Two Diamond Records.