William F. Aldrich

William Farrington Aldrich ( born March 11, 1853 in Palmyra, Wayne County, New York, † October 30, 1925 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama ) was an American politician ( Republican). He was the brother of Truman H. Aldrich, and great great grandfather of William J. Edwards, also U.S. Representative from Alabama.


William Farrington Aldrich attended the public school in his hometown. Then he moved in 1865 with his father to New York City where he visited several schools and in 1873 at Warren's Military Academy in Poughkeepsie (New York) graduated. In the following year he moved to Alabama, where he pursued mining and factory shops. He also built the town of Aldrich, which bears his name.

Aldrich also pursued a political career. He has twice successfully challenged the re-election of Gaston A. Robbins ( 54th and 56th Congress ) and once the election of Thomas S. Plowman ( 55th Congress ) in the U.S. Congress. Aldrich served in the U.S. House of Representatives on 13 March 1896 to 3 March 1897 then on 9 February 1898 to 3 March 1899, finally on 8 March 1900 to March 3, 1901. He declined in 1900 for reelection from the U.S. Congress.

He then worked as an editor, owner and publisher of the Birmingham Times. He took in 1904 at the Republican National Convention in Chicago in part. He also occupied himself until his death in 1925 with the development of natural resources. His body was cremated and the family vault in the Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington DC buried.