William H. James

William Hartford James ( born October 16, 1831 in Marion, Ohio; † February 1, 1920 ) was an American politician and 1871-1873, the second Governor of the State of Nebraska.

Early years and political rise

William James attended the local schools of his home in Ohio. He later moved to Iowa, where he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1855. In Sergeant Bluff, he began his legal career as a lawyer, which he then continued in Dakota County, Nebraska. In 1858, James was a member of the district administration in Dakota County. A year later he was also city council in Dakota City and shortly afterwards justice of the peace in his home district. Between 1861 and 1864 he was there district attorney. In 1864 he was employed by the land allocation authority. From 1870 to 1871 he served as Secretary of State in the administration of Governor David Butler. In this capacity, he was also his deputy.

Governor of Nebraska

After Governor Butler was relieved of his duties, William James had to take over his office and quit the opened term of office on June 2, 1871. Thus he remained until January 13, 1873 in office. During this time, several new districts ( counties ) were founded. Otherwise, his reign was uneventful.

After the end of his tenure, James was employed by the land allocation authority in Colfax in Washington State. Moreover, there is no further information about his life until his death in February 1920., William James was married to Louisa Epler, with whom he had four children.