William Hawkins (governor)

William Hawkins ( born October 20, 1777 Pleasant Hill, North Carolina, † May 17, 1819 in Sparta, Georgia ) was an American politician and 17th Governor of North Carolina.

Early years and political rise

William Hawkins attended the local schools of his home. There was a law school in Philadelphia and North Carolina. After qualifying as a lawyer, he began practicing in Warren County. He was also deputy commissioner Indians at Fort Hawkins in Georgia and entered 1801 as mediators in disputes with the Tuscarora Indians at. His political career began with his election to the House of Representatives from North Carolina in 1804., Where he remained initially until 1805. Between 1809 and 1811 he was again in this body this time as a President of the Chamber ( Speaker).

Governor of North Carolina

In 1811, Hawkins was elected by the House as the new governor of North Carolina. In the following two years he was re-elected each. He exploited the possibilities of Constitution fully, which allowed only a maximum of three consecutive terms of office. His term lasted 11 December 1811 to 29 November 1814. This period coincided with the War of 1812 together and he had to recruit as governor troops for the army. He also promoted the industrial development in North Carolina.

More career

After the end of his term he retired from politics. He returned only once, in 1817, shortly in the House of Representatives back. William Hawkins died in May 1819. He was married to Ann Swepson Boyd. The couple had seven children.