William Henry Ashley

William Henry Ashley (* 1778 in Powhatan County, Virginia, † March 26, 1838 in Cooper County, Missouri) was an American fur trader, businessman and politician.


Ashley moved in 1803 to Ste. Genevieve in the 1803 portion of the assets purchased by the U.S. from France Louisiana, which would become the State of Missouri later. In 1808 he moved to St. Louis. During the British - American War of 1812 he was a brigadier general of the militia of Missouri. When Missouri became a state of the American Union, he was from 1820 to 1824 whose first lieutenant governor.

On February 13, 1822 Ashley and his business partner Andrew Henry in the Missouri Gazette, Public Advertiser and other newspapers gave him the following ad on:

The men who volunteered on the listing were known as Ashley's Hundred. William Ashley and Andrew Henry founded in 1823 in St. Louis, the Rocky Mountain Fur Company. Several expeditions along the Missouri River, the Yellowstone River to the Green River have been made.

1824 Andrew Henry left the partnership. Ashley's new partner was Jedediah Smith. 1825 Ashley organized the first rendezvous at the Henry 's Fork of the Green River. 1826 William Ashley sold his shares of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company to its partners Jedediah Smith, David Jackson and William Sublett. William Ashley returned to the East and went into politics. He was from 1831 to 1837 Democratic member of the State of Missouri in the U.S. House of Representatives. William Henry Ashley died on March 26, 1838 in age of 60 from pneumonia.