William Henry Battle

William Henry Battle ( born February 23, 1855 in Lincoln ( Lincolnshire ); † February 2nd 1936 in Woking ) was an English surgeon.


Battle graduated from the St. Thomas ' Medical School, London, in 1877 he graduated. In 1880 he became fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons ( FRCS ), and was at St Thomas' Hospital London. At the Royal College of Surgeons from 1889 he had been professor of surgery and pathology until 1990. He also taught at the Medical School for Women. William Henry Battle the first to describe a laparotomy to remove a bowel obstruction due to postoperative adhesions described. In 1895 he described a vertical abdominal incision with lateral displacement of the rectus abdominis ( "Battle - cut" ) and 1901 a detailed description of operation for the treatment of Femoralhernien ( "Battle - Operation" ). Battle also dealt with concussion and emerging from optic neuritis. Named after him, " Battle - sign" is an indication of a fracture of the skull. Battle was a member of over 20 years of editorial board of journal Lancet.


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