William I, Duke of Aquitaine

William I of Aquitaine, called the Pious (French: Guillaume Le Pieux; † July 6 918 ) was a Count of Auvergne, later first Duke of the Duchy of Aquitaine and the High Middle Ages lay abbot of St. Julien from the family of Wilhelmiden ( Gellones ). He was a son of Bernard and his wife Ermengarde Plantevelue.


William succeeded his late father after 886 in the extended family. This focused mainly in eastern and Zentralaquitanien the Auvergne, the Mâcon, Autunois Berry, Lyonnais and the Limousin. He was the most powerful ruler of the Aquitanian Regnum. Also from the father he inherited the "Gothic Mark " ( Septimania ). To support the rule of his family against the rival Raimundiner there, William 's sister was married to the Count of Carcassonne.

After the deposition of the Emperor Charles the Fat ( 887 ) Wilhelm stood together with Count Ramnulf II of Poitou against the elected King Odo and supported the Carolingian Charles the Simple. 878 William helped his protégé Ebalus Mancer in retaking of Poitiers. After Karl 893 came out as the sole king, Wilhelm first appeared with the title dux documented in appearance, though still without permanent assignment. Although he still remained loyal to King Charles the Simple, Wilhelm 909 arbitrarily took the title of " Duke of Aquitanians " ( dux Aquitanorum ) and thus demonstrated his king same position relative to the ruler. Still, he remained loyal to the king and defended 916-918 Bourges successfully against Duke Rudolph of Burgundy. In contrast, Wilhelm lost control of the Counts of Toulouse, the supremacy of his claim is not recognized.

William died in 918 and was buried in the Abbey of St. Julien in Brioude. Its historically significant act was the foundation of the Benedictine abbey of Cluny on 11 September 910, the structure of which he entrusted Berno of Baume and directly to the Pope Sergius III. imputed.

898 Before he married Engelberga ( † about 917 in Piacenza), a daughter of Boso of Vienne and Ermengarde of Italy, which in turn was the only daughter of the Emperor Louis II. Since the marriage remained childless, his nephew William followed him to the Younger.


  • Duke (Aquitaine )
  • Graf ( Auvergne )
  • Wilhelmide
  • Born in the 9th century
  • Died 918
  • Man