William J. Miller

William Jennings Miller ( born March 12, 1899 in North Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts, † November 22, 1950 in Wethersfield, Connecticut ) was an American politician. Between 1939 and 1949 he represented several times the first electoral district of the state of Connecticut in the U.S. House of Representatives.


William Miller attended the public schools of his native land and from then until 1917, the Cannon's Commercial College in Lawrence. During the First World War he was part of the Air Corps of the U.S. Army, but he rose to the rank of lieutenant. In a plane crash in France in 1918, he lost both legs. Because of this disability, he was in the 1920s, often in medical treatment in veterans hospitals. Since 1926 he lived in Wethersfield (Connecticut). Since 1931 he worked in the insurance industry.

Politically, Miller joined the Republican Party. In 1938 he was in the first district of Connecticut in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC selected. There he entered on January 3, 1939, the successor to the Democrats Herman P. Kopplemann, whom he had beaten in the election. Until January 3, 1941, he was initially able to do only one term in Congress because he had lost the elections of 1940 against Kopplemann. In 1942, it came in the congressional elections again to a duel between Kopplemann and Miller, who this time won Miller. So that he could represent between January 1943 and January 3, 1945 3 further two years his constituency in Congress. In 1944, he lost a second time against Kopplemann, but he was able to beat back two years later. He spent between January 1947 and January 3, 1949 3 another term in Congress. Between 1933 and 1949, Kopplemann and Miller alternated in Congress three times each. In the 1948 elections Miller was defeated by Democrats Abraham A. Ribicoff.

After the end of his last term of office on January 3, 1949 William Miller again worked in the insurance industry. He died on November 22, 1950 in Wethersfield, and was buried in Waterford.