William Miller (North Carolina)

William Miller ( * 1770 in Pleasant Hill, Warren County, North Carolina, † 1825 in Guatemala ) was an American politician and the 18th Governor of the state of North Carolina.

Early years

The exact birth and date of death of William Miller are not known. At the age of 22, he inherited the plantation his family. A brief study at the University of North Carolina remained unfinished. After a legal education he began practicing law in 1805. In 1810 he became Minister of Justice of North Carolina ( Attorney General ).

Advancement to the Governor of North Carolina

Between 1810 and 1814, Miller had been a deputy in the House of Representatives from North Carolina. In 1814 he was elected as successor to William Hawkins as the new governor of his home state by Parliament. In the following two years he was confirmed in each case. So that he could exploit the full prescribed by the Constitution maximum contiguous tenures. He held office between 7 December 1814 and 3 December 1817. Miller was the first governor of his state, who lived in the official service building of Governors, called the Governor's Mansion. Like its predecessor, Miller tried to improve the school system.

Another Journey

In 1821, Miller was elected to the Senate from North Carolina. There he remained for a year. The 1824 elected U.S. President John Quincy Adams appointed him in 1825 as ambassador in Guatemala. There, William Miller died shortly after his arrival.