William Miller (preacher)

William Miller ( February 15, 1782 *, † December 20, 1849 ) was an American Baptist preacher.


Miller was born in Massachusetts, was after his marriage Farmer in Poultney (Vermont ), where he held various positions (for example, deputy sheriff, justice of the peace ), was relatively wealthy and served as a lieutenant in the Vermont militia. He was born in Poultney Freemasons in the Morning Star Lodge No. 27 1812, when the British -American War broke out, he put a company, took part in the fighting and was later promoted to captain.

His official resignation from the Masonic Lodge Miller said in September 1831st In the same year Miller began to preach. Founded on the book of Daniel 8-9, Miller believed that already 2300 years since the order of the restoration of Jerusalem were exceeded and Jesus' Second Coming was imminent. This commandment was (ie 457 BC ) given by the scribe Ezra by Artaxerxes I of Persia in the 7th year of his reign and is detailed in Ezra 7.12 to 26. So October 22, 1844 was calculated as the day of Christ's return. Miller is considered the founder of the Adventist movement that developed after the Great Disappointment.